Air Fryer Singapore

Recent Covid19 circuit breaker, stay-home and work-from-home arrangements underscore need for alternatives to daily food deliveries with every meal. And while traditional ovens and toasters can serve this purpose, Air Fryer has grown in popularity globally and locally. The reasons? Simply, for convenient preparation of a wide variety of healthy and tasty home-cooked food. And superb ease of cleaning up too.

Air Fryer Singapore is about air fryers as an essential utensil; a versatile, convenient and easy-to-use kitchen appliance for healthier cooking. In particular, this site explains how air fryers work to give crispiness to cooking like deep frying but with much less or no oil. It will also help you to find the best air fryer to match your cooking preference. You can also you match the best air fryer and buy products of a premium brand at an affordable price.

Air Fryer Singapore works with trusted brands to feature successful products for our customers. Because of this all products shown are 100% genuine. With the Singapore SAFETY mark to ensure local compliance, the appliances are covered with local warranty.

Starting off, we are happy to offer the Cosori CP158, a Red Dot Design Award 2019 winner and a Best Seller on US marketplace. We endeavour and plan to grow our product range and other air fryer related offerings for the convenience and enjoyment of our customer base.

For this, we count on your support and feedback to improve our website, sales and services.

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Air Fryer Singapore

With Headquarters in California, USA, Cosori manufactures and sells a variety of multifunctional kitchen appliances.

The Cosori Air Fryer CP158-AF is a best seller in the USA marketplace. It has many positive reviews for its modern look, good quality and outstanding features. Winner of 2019 Red Dot Design Award, the CP158 has an ergonomic, angled Digital LED display panel and a one-touch cooking cooking with 11 presets. Learn more about these product features and buy one here at affordable prices. Learn more about Air Fryers by Cosori.


Cosori Premium Air Fryer CP158 5.5L

Winner, Red Dot Award 2019 and A Best Seller, USA marketplace