Best Air Fryer to Match Your Preferences

Identify Practical Product Features and consider Build Quality, Safety Compliance and Design Aesthetics

Best Air Fryer Design Types

The Best Air Fryer is found in any of 3 basic design types; Oven shaped, Top-Lid and Drawer Types. Each of these utilises a powerful fan and a heating element. The Oven and Top-Lid types are typically bigger in capacity. However, the Oven type makes for cleaning after use and heating elements for Top-lid types are more exposed when opened. On the other hand, bigger Drawer types are still capable for cooking a whole chicken and there is ease and safety in food placements and retrievals. For this reason, Drawer type is most popular among is most common among the best. Check out Cosori Air Fryer products on this site.


Basic Cooking Perferences

Summary of Air Fryer Design Types, Sizes and Digital Controls to Match Your Cooking Preferences

Oven shaped, Top Lid or Drawer

Among these, conventional oven-shaped has the biggest cooking capacity (>10L), followed by top open lid (usually has see-through visibility) and drawer types (2.0L to 6.0L). Oven and Top Lid models have more cooking methods (ie. Rotisseri) and accessories (ie. racks for more cooking surface). As air fry cooking is done inside the "oven", cleaning is significantly more difficult for oven-shaped air fryer. In Top Lid and Drawer designs, "cooking containers" can be removed completely and are dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning. 

Mini, Small, XL and XXL sizes

Air Fryers are generally compact and grouped into 4 sizes; Mini (Below 2.5L) for servings of 1-2 persons, Small ( 2.6L to 4.9L) for 3-4 persons, XL (5.0L to 8.5L) for 4-6 persons and XXL for family or group of 6-8 persons. Size will determine countertop space requirement and define cooking portions. It will also determine types of accessories used to enhance the different cooking functions available. Also square-shaped sizes will yield 20% bigger cooking area and capacity as compared to circular shaped models.

Digital Air Fryer or Manual Dial

Temperature and timing are 2 basic controls for cooking different food in any Air Fryer. These are manually adjusted on mechanical dial knobs or set with digital buttons. Manual adjustments are typically less accurate and such models are less expensive. Digital Air Fryer with touch controls, an LED display and +/- buttons, are preferred for accurate, fine temperature and timing increments. Some models also uses preset button with pre-predetermined temperature and timing to provide one touch cooking convenience.  


Finding the Best Air Fryer

First, identify practical product features for precise cooking temperature and time settings, simple-to-use and easy-to-clean attributes. Then match these to your cooking preferences (eg. what you frequently cook) and Types / Size of Air Fryer. Finally, consider built quality, safety compliance and design aesthetics to arrive at the right price for best value to you.

Match Practical Product Features to Cooking Preferences


Other Important Practical Considerations

 Quality Assurance - Does product has Singapore Safety Mark and are you comfortable with product insulation, built quality and warranty provided ?

Food Safety - Are air fryer containers and accessories made of food grade and heat-resisting materials, FDA compliant, BPA free and dishwasher safe ?

Design Aesthetics - Is product internationally recognised for design or do you like look and feel of product to be sitting on your kitchen countertop ?

Best Value - Does total price of product (with any bundled accessories) gives you best value and competitive as compared to alternative model/price ?


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