Air Fryer For Healthier Cooking

Cook Crispy and Tasty Food with Little or No Oil

What is an Air Fryer ?

The Air Fryer has gained tremendous popularity for healthier and convenient cooking in Singapore. It is preferred over deep fryer and traditional oven. Here are some basic understanding of this multicooker for this phenomenon.

How does it cooks ?

The Air Fryer is an electrical oven which powerfully circulate hot air to fry your food with very little oil. Unlike traditional deep frying, it cooks up to 80% less fat and has gained popularity as a healthier cooking option. Instead of oil, it uses the convection process where heat is transferred through rapid, temperature controlled hot air to cook food. As well as to give the sought-after crispy layer; a Maillard* browning with a distinctive flavour.

*Read Maillard reactions

Air Fryer or traditional Oven

Compared to a traditional oven, the Air Fryer uses a higher or turbo speed fan to circulate hot air from the stainless steel heating elements and cooks within a smaller cooking chamber. This results in shorter preheat times and more rapid air circulation to cook, air fry, roast or bake very efficiently, with convenience and ease of use. Not only does the Air Fryer cooks quicker, it also allow food to be more evenly cooked and to have more crispyness than traditional oven. 

Dry Fryer and more

An Air Fryer is a dry fryer, highly versatile with multiple functions. It can air fry, bake, grill, roast to cook tasty and crispy food without the ominous fat as in deep frying. Hence, it is known by different names such as Multi Cooker, Convection Fryer and Healthy Fryer. To enhance these many different cooking functions, there is also a variety of cooking accessories such as grill pan, baking basket and racks & skewers for meat and vegetable kebabs etc.


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Cooking Functions

Explore the versatility cooking functions of the Air Fryer for healthy cooking. Air fry, roast, bake or grill for cooking countless delicious recipes from breakfast to snacks, entrees and desserts. And it is simple, convenient and fast.


Air Fry

This basic function superbly cook a variety of food, meats and vegetables with convenience of ready-to-cook packages, fresh or frozen, like french fries, fish fingers and chicken wings.



Toast breads or roast meats, air fryer does both well. Some bigger top lid models even have the rotisserie rotating function to give all round cooking without need for manual flipping.



There are many delicious recipes to bake healthy cakes and breads. Some models will come with accessories like non-stick baking basket, cup cake pan and double rack for this function.



With a grill pan, BBQ lovers can use the air fryer to cook up sizzling steaks, grilled salmon and other meat favourites in a smoke-less environment under accurate temperature control.

How to choose the Best Air Fryer ?

Match physical product features like simple-to-use and easy-to-clean, to your cooking preferences and considerations for built quality, safety compliance and design aesthetics.


Food Gallery

Undoubtedly, the air fryer is a multi cooker, loved for versatility, convenience and ease to cook up delicious and healthier selection of food; from frozen food, prepacked snacks, fresh vegetables to raw meats and fish. Simply fast to prepare and minutes to cook - even with one touch of a button !